PreCede ® is the premium seed nutrient dressing designed and field tested to deliver the essential nutrients in the proper form and ratio to successfully cold start the crop. PreCede is Stage 1 in the System of Chemtrition™.

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Grower Stories

Learn how innovative growers are integrating plant nutrition
into their overall agronomic plan.

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System of Chemtrition

The Chemtrition three-stage system works in tandem with your seed treatment, herbicide, and fungicide plan to deliver essential nutrients throughout the plant's life cycle.

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Making the Complex...Simple

At ATP Nutrition, we aim to deliver useful information and insightful commentary on all things related to plant nutrition. Let ATP Nutrition 'Make the Complex...Simple', by checking out our Blog.

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  • Our products have been tested with seed protection products, herbicides, fungicides and other fertilizers. To view compatibility charts click here.

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  • To ensure ease of application, follow these simple steps to enhance the flowability and minimize stickiness of treated grain.

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  • Micro Wrap™ is a high quality chelated line of micronutrients designed for impregnation on granular fertilizer.

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  • Meet our parent company: Concentric Ag

    Biological optimizers for soil, seed and plant vigor.

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