We are a science-based plant nutrient company, committed to the development and commercialization of high performance products and nutrient management plans that deliver results to the most demanding of agricultural needs.

By Powering Growth with Science, our focus is on the three fundamentals of production agriculture; seed, soil, and the plant. Our revolutionary nutrient technologies will be research-driven, with proven proprietary formulations that improve plant health and performance.

Our revolutionary R3 Agronomic Platform is the platform that bridges science and plant health, converting it to an easy to use, simple tool that drives value to your business. Servicing the agriculture and horticulture markets across North American, our experiences, agronomic technical sales team has a proven track-record. Partnering with leading distributors and retailers will provide for you easy access to the products and the deep knowledge base of the ATP product portfolio.



Don't Lose It™

A crop's ability to yield starts with the genetic potential within the seed. After planting, the yield potential decreases from stresses that include weather, soild conditions, weeds, diseases, pests and imbalanced nutrition. By employing the science of proper nutrition, our R3 Agronomic Platform can influence 60% of the yield, thereby building better, healthier plants to deliver the genetic potential of the crop.