Privacy Policy

ATP NUTRITION’s Privacy Policy informs you of our commitment to and policy on privacy. It tells you about the ways we ensure that the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information is protected.

The objective of ATP NUTRITION’s Privacy Policy is to promote responsible and transparent personal information management practices in a manner consistent with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada) and other applicable privacy legislation.

ATP NUTRITION will conduct periodic reviews of this Privacy Policy to make sure that it remains current with changing standards, technologies and law.


We will make every reasonable effort to comply with industry standards and applicable federal and provincial laws in Canada, including the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.


This Privacy Policy only applies to identifiable individuals whose personal information ATP NUTRITION collects, uses, retains and discloses in the course of commercial activities, and pertains to all aspects of handling such personal information. When we use the words "personal information" or "information" in this Privacy Policy, we mean information about an identifiable individual, excluding the name, title, business address or telephone number of an employee of an organization. These terms do not include information that does not identify particular individuals, like aggregate statistics or anonymous customer data.


The following are our purposes for collecting, using, retaining and disclosing personal information:

  • To establish and maintain a relationship with you as a customer and to provide services to you;
  • To provide you with information about products and services that we believe would interest you;
  • To enable us to liaison with other service and product suppliers to provide you with products and services suited to your needs and requirements;
  • To obtain and process payments from you as a customer;
  • To maintain adequate accounting and tax records, to assess the quality and quantity of our services and to have information in such form as we may reasonably require for our business needs;
  • To meet legal and governmental requirements, to detect and prevent fraud and tosafeguard the interests of you and ATP NUTRITION;
  • To manage ATP NUTRITION’s business, including in the unlikely event of a reorganization of our business or a proposed or actual sale or lease of all or part of our business or assets; and
  • To achieve any other purpose to which you have given your consent.


Giving You Control over How We Handle Information about You

We collect, use, retain and disclose information about you only with your consent, except as outlined in this Privacy Policy. In obtaining your consent, whether express or implied, our purposes for which we require your information are outlined herein. If our purposes differ than those outlined herein, we will advise you of our new purposes at the time of collection of your information.

We may depart from this consent principle only in accordance with the limited exceptions described in this Privacy Policy, when permitted by other written and posted policies of ATP NUTRITION, or where required or permitted by applicable laws (for instance, we may disclose personal information in an emergency to protect human life or safety).

At ATP NUTRITION, we gather and use personal information to provide you with the services you have requested, and to offer additional products and services we believe you might be interested in. We obtain most of our information about you from you.

We only collect the information needed and only use it for the purposes outlined herein. When we contact you, we will indicate how we intend to use the information we collect from you if our purposes differ from that outlined in this Privacy Policy. If we wish in the future to use the information collected for purposes not previously identified, we will ask you for your consent at that time. We will only ask for the information necessary for the purposes we have identified.

Limiting Disclosure to Third Parties

ATP NUTRITION will disclose your information to parties outside ATP NUTRITION in the following circumstances:

  • when we have your consent, whether express or implied;
  • when we are required or permitted by law or regulation to do so or when we wish or are required to disclose to fulfill a public duty, such as preventing fraud;
  • when we need to disclose the information to protect our interests in the context of an potential or existing legal or administrative proceeding;
  • under an exception to the requirement for consent expressly set out in applicable laws, such as exception for disclosures necessary to protect human life or safety in an emergency; and
  • in connection with a corporate reorganization or a potential or actual sale or lease of all or part of our business or assets. (In such circumstances, we may share information with another entity that is or might be part of the transaction.)

In all such cases, ATP NUTRITION will only make disclosure to the extent that is necessary to accomplish its business purpose or discharge its

legal or public duty. Whenever possible, ATP NUTRITION will also require that that the party receiving the information provides reasonable assurances that it will respect the privacy of your information in accordance with applicable laws.

The following list provides some examples of situations in which we disclose your personal information:

  • ATP NUTRITION must give information in response to a valid demand, search warrant or other legally valid inquiry or order.

Safely Storing Information about You

We will protect your information with appropriate safeguards and security measures. We have reasonable security standards to protect our systems and your information against unauthorized access and use. Electronic files are kept in a secured environment with restricted access. Paper-based files are stored in a locked area.

When we disclose information to a third party for a purpose that is permitted under this Privacy Policy, we disclose no more than is necessary to accomplish the purpose, and whenever possible, obtain reasonable assurances that the third party will respect your privacy in accordance with applicable laws.

We will retain your information only for the time that it is reasonably required. Our retention period varies depending on our relationship with you and may extend beyond the end of your relationship with us but only for so long as required by law or as reasonably required by us. When your information is no longer needed by ATP NUTRITION, we have procedures to destroy, delete, erase or convert it to an anonymous form.

Providing You with the Right to Access and Update Information about Yourself

We will give you access to the information we retain about you. It is important that your personal information is accurate and complete. Please contact our Privacy Officer if you wish to have access to any information we may have about you. We will advise you in advance if a charge is required for ATP NUTRITION to conduct a search of our records for information about you, and will respond to your request within 30 days. Please note that we may not be able to provide information about you from our records if it contains references to other persons, is subject to legal privilege, contains information proprietary to ATP NUTRITION, is too costly to retrieve, or cannot be disclosed for other legal reasons.

We will make reasonable efforts to keep your information accurate and up-to-date. If you find any errors in our information about you, let us know and we will make the appropriate corrections and make sure they are conveyed to anyone we may have misinformed. In order to make a change to the personal information ATP NUTRITION holds about you, please send us the correction in writing by mail, fax or e-mail. For information that remains in dispute, we will make a note of your opinion as to the accuracy of the information in our files.

Responding To Your Privacy Concerns

Any refusal or withdrawal of your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your information is subject to legal and/or contractual restrictions and reasonable notice. We have appointed a Privacy Officer who will oversee compliance on our part and ensure that your concerns are addressed appropriately by ATP NUTRITION.

In certain circumstances, we must decline your service request where you refuse or withdraw consent to the collection, use or disclosure of your information by us. If you wish to withdraw your consent, please contact us. Our staff will be pleased to explain your options and any consequences of refusing or withdrawing your consent, and to record your options.


Any changes to this Privacy Policy or our information handling practices will be recorded in a timely manner. We may add, modify or remove portions of this policy when we feel it is appropriate to do so. However, we will not use any information collected prior to such changes for any new purposes without first obtaining your consent.


If you have any concerns or questions about privacy and confidentiality - or any concerns about the way a request for information was handled - you can contact ATP NUTRITION’s Privacy Officer at:

190 Agri Park Road

Oak Bluff, MB R4G 0A5


[email protected]

Our Privacy Officer has the decision-making authority to resolve most concerns. However, if you are unsatisfied with the way your complaint or request was addressed, you may contact the federal privacy commissioner:

Office of the Privacy Commissioner

112 Kent Street

Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 1H3

Dated:  Effective as of May 29, 2014