R3 Agronomic Platform

The R3 Agronomic Platform focuses on delivering essential nutrients at the three key growth stages in a plant's life cycle

  • Proactive Solutions: Instead of waiting for symptoms of nutrient deficiency and yield drag to appear, our R3 Agronomic Platform delivers nutrients to the plant proactively, making sure your plant is continuously healthy.
  • Essential Nutrients: Understanding the role of interaction of each nutrient in the plant is critical to determine which ones to invest in and when.
  • Proper Form: Determining the proper form of each nutrient for the different growth stages to ensure maximum nutrient use efficiency and crop safety.
  • Optimal Nutrient Timing: Understanding when the essential nutrients are required by the plant is fundamental to maximize productivity. The R3 Agronomic Platform separates nutrient management into the 3 key growth stages – Roots (vegetative), Reproduction and Ripening.
  • Correct Nutrient Ratios: Determining the appropriate amount and ratio of each essential nutrient is critical to maximize the plants photosynthetic efficiency.
  • Nutrient Delivery Systems: Proprietary biological activators are formulated into our products to ensure increased nutrient uptake resulting in enhanced root architecture, improved flowering, pollination and better overall plant health.