ModipHy Water Hardness Calculator

Calculate your Water Hardness Inactivation Potential with the ModipHy Water Hardness Calculator

To calculate “Water Hardness Inactivation Potential”, enter your “Spray Water Analysis” information. Results are displayed in the “Inactivation Potential” column.

Ion Activity Index Spray Water Analysis
ppm (mg/L)
Water Hardness
(Inactivation Potential)
Potassium, K+ 0.2 0
Sodium, Na+ 0.6 0
Calcium, Ca++ 1 0
Magnesium, Mg++ 1.7 0
Iron, FE+++ 2.5 0
Total 0  
Total Inactivation Potential 0

NOTE: The Hard Water Inactivation Potential only addresses the spray water, not the potential of dry dusty leaf surfaces or Dirty Weeds to inactivate glyphosate.

Water Hardness 'ModipHy' Use Rate *
100 ppm - 300 ppm 0.25%v/v 50 mL / 5 gpa
300 ppm - 750 ppm 0.50%v/v 100 mL / 5 gpa
750 ppm - 1000 ppm 0.75%v/v 150 mL / 5 gpa
1000+ ppm 1.00%v/v 200 mL / 5 gpa

* These are, to the best of our knowledge, the appropriate amounts of ModipHy.
In addition, when weeds are under drought stress, cold weather conditions, or when weed surfaces are dusty, a higher rate of ModipHy may prove beneficial. Refer to the ModipHy label for detailed Instructions.